Tomas Cesalek Photography

I deeply believe that beautiful moments full of emotions are around all the time. It is then my mission as a photographer to sharpen my eyes to seek and capture them so that they can become glowing memories.

In my world, mundane occasions do not exist, one simply has to focus his senses and find the beauty no matter how hidden it might be.

And only in that very moment when the eye, the head and the heart meet, my camera's shutter clicks and a lasting image is captured.

No matter if I'm shooting corporate events, birthday parties, concerts or weddings, it is my goal to bring you the photos you want to see: full of color, positive feelings and emotions.

What I provide in a nutshell:

- Premium event photography services

- Beautiful on-line galleries you can securely share with just the right people

- Usually faster than 24 hour turn-around

Last but not least, on a special request

- I can easily team up with multiple other photographers, together we can cover big events or more than one location

- I can provide you with personalized DVD packages

- I can arrange printing services for your convenience

- I can create energetic slide-show presentations synchronized with music and designed to positively move the viewers

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